If you dolled up i got the voodoo for you bitches

3:26 PM
Went thrift shopping the other day and picked up a few things! I got this really beautiful African tote bag. As I was on my way to the register I happened to glance at it just hanging there and with the price tag(1.95)hanging too so I just grabbed it.

After I got home I decided to further inspect this bag I wasn't really sure if it was vintage or not. There are no tags and it seems as doe it was hand made cuz there are obvious but slight errors in the stitching. The inside and straps of the tote are made out of a dark denim, the outside is a very soft and beautiful wool like fabric.

During my inspection I found a little hand carved wooden man hanging on the inside. At first I was really excited because it has the shape of an ankh which is what I originally thought it was then when I turned it around I saw that it looked like maybe a little tiki. Either way im a little bit scared now cuz I think I just bought me a voodoo purse.

The little carved man can be flipped to show and hang on the outside as well

I just keep thinking about this demonologists guy that came to my college campus one day and was telling us about his work. He works with a lot of haunted objects and as well as homes/people and he said that people who collect vintage items are the ones who should be careful the most because they have a lot of history and spiritual attachments that can cause a haunting.

Nonetheless I really love this bag! Lets hope I'm just being a little cooky.

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