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I was watching a movie on showtime the other night [it might have been a special or something] called The Sucide Girls :Guide To living. The Suicide Girls is an online community who's popularity sky rocketed all over the world. The girls are tatted up betties, mostly rock a billy chicks with interesting piercings and tattoos[ and ALOT of them].These girls are models who decided that models with ink and an alternative beauty should be glorified more and decided that the best way they can have that accomplished is doing it themselves. The suicide girls are known for their raunchy pin-up style photos.As of now there are about 2000 suicide girls, and over a thousand applicants every year.

Im a big fan of INK and I've known about the suicide girls since I was 17 and this was literally the first time I have ever seen anything on TV about them, so of course I was proud. I also always wanted to be a suicide girl since I was 17 and I haven't necessarily grown out of that yet. I only have 5 tattoos right now so I'm gonna need about 50 more before I submit my application [LOL].

My favorite suicide girl is Radeo. In high school,  my best friend sent me this picture of Radeo after I explained to her an idea I had for a tattoo on my back.

Yes so this cheetah print tattoo is by far in the top three sickest tattoos I have ever seen! I love it. Its definitely down my lane and I felt an instant connection with Radeo because she basically had almost the same exact tattoo that I had created and imagined for myself. There are some differences of course with my idea but this was all the way back in 2007 when you didn't see much girls with cheetah print tats,I felt that my idea was very innovative and different and it was nothing short of awesome to see someone else whose brain works a little like mine. She's mentioned that theres no real deep meaning behind the tat other than that she loves cheetah print and cheetahs [good enough for me].

Radeo is a little petite girl from Ohio [5'4" 125lbs], she's 21 and she loves oldies. Her favorite artists and bands range from Otis Redding to Tara Mcpherson. She's a big fan of gore and superstition. She claims that she doesn't listen to anything thats on the radio, irony much? Well her profile on lists irony as one of her hobbies.

One of her most recent tats on her NECK/THROAT is not anything that I believe I would ever consider doing but its definitely mention worthy and incredibly creative!

BREAKDOWN: King and queen bee sharing a honeycomb heart, inspired by the Johnny Cash lyrics “The taste of love is sweet when hearts like ours meet.”

She also just got these stars on her breasts..i love this.


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