How long will it last?

9:15 PM
What ever happened to just being yourself?

Nowadays you meet somebody and instead of their actual name you get anywhere from a nick name( which is nonetheless understandable) to their twitter name(NOT UNDERSTANDABLE AT ALL) or their RAP name(im not a producer, ceo of a record label or groupie, thanks)??

What the fuck is up?

When did it become NOT OKAY to be yourself?? What happened (that i CLEARLY missed) that just made everybody decide that in order to be happy, you must completely morph into a ridiculous fabricated version of yourself?

I am me..I am always myself..I never felt like I needed to be something that I am not to prove ANYTHING!! There are good and bad sides to me and I accept all!! People that don't like it..are just not my type of people then! and thats OKAY..I really dont give a fuck honestly..i love me and i am content with me....i will only fail when i lose myself

I feel like everything and everybody is just getting faker by the day and i just dont understand it, it saddens me way more than it angers me.....i find myself constantly rethinking certain decisions or just basic situations to make sure that i am being true to myself and that what i do is 100% Jennifer Ceran...I WILL NOT BE A DROID

THAT IS FUCKING SAD!! no seriously it is....its like that crazy natural gas from The Happening is being released by the trees and self-preservation has just been thrown out the window..but instead of actually killing your physical representation...people are slowly starting at the core and deteriorating their souls for the sake of what?????

Everybody is doing the same shit and thinking that they are doing it better...I'm So over it

What happened to just being comfortable in your own skin??
My generation is doomed

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