The Short End of the stick

5:20 AM
Its late...

why is it that the short end of the stick is almost always the draw?
I should be speaking for myself huh?..I'm sure theres room for empathy

[The Situation:]

well yeah so the loser jerk asshole ex boyfriend that rips your heart out while its still beating and then stanky legs on his way out the door can melodically skip along to a next relationship and be in complete bliss with the closest  insignificant pair of ass and tits..


you're relationship limbo...this grey area..when theres more fuckin and less forgeting..(arent they suppose to come hand in hand?).... emotions and feelings are still active and OOH are they playing their parts.. but in order for it to be anything close to sensible and NOT self-destructive  they must be focused on one clear path... So here you are just doomed in your virtuous from condemnation and torment from past decisions and yet still astray and denied your intimate utopia,YOUR bliss................

I believe that it is very possible for a person to literally steal the contentment right out of your soul

and thats just how i feel right now

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