I choose me

8:37 PM

Its crazy how things change in a year! Im not famous my money didnt strech but my 'friends'? are acting funny and fuck it im stressed! So who do I blame does God even care? I'm just dealing how i deal..with no fucking cares....and no fuckin layers..theres no fuckin prayers..that can deal..ima heal..by the power of ME..fuck the frail shit..im THEE.. jennifer Ceran...clench this shit in my hand..knuckle up..when i buck....open up and spill the gutss..like im rollin....wassupp?? in the end its up to me...whether they fuck with me.. they fuckin me....they sick of me....they stuck with me..cuz frannkkiillyy..im gutta B!! and if this is the choice..then i choose me !!!

and thats just how i feel right now

About the author

Vintage Enthusiast. Hip Hop baby. Afro Puffington. Self proclaimed Renegade.Really im just a young soul from Brooklyn tuned in to a frequency too low for the drums and too high for the lungs. You can feel it when the groove stops so listen to my boom box.