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LIL B-"I'm the Devil"

This is rapper Lil B(from The Pack) new promotional video for his song "I'm the Devil". The song and the video just reminded me of a discussion I had in my philosophy class the other day.

There is a clear(more or less) separation between evil and good,both exist in all humans, depending on your definition of the two of course, but for me, at the least, they do.
Is this presence due to human nature or a institution of humankind?

Western religions base most of their teachings on being freed of the inner evil that us humans contain. They have rules/laws they impose that, if followed to the tee, will succeed in doing so(well according to them).

The Bible introduces the "devil",the manifestation of evil, the tempter, the person who is responsible for the presence and/or potential presence of evil in all of us. The Bible also tells us the infamous story of Adam and Eve, how they succumbed to evil(If you may), and that all humans are born with this "Original Sin";therefore,not pure,and not "good". This evil is not necessarily a stem of human nature, but its still something that we have within us, in the absence of free will. Not only that but it is also not portrayed as a natural entity but one that was birthed by the act of (a)human(s) and therefore instilled in all of us as some sort of punishment maybe?


A few eastern religions have a belief that "All is one" and that both evil and good is a part of humanity and that neither is above one another (in a sense). Instead of focusing on the termination of evil, they focus on embracing all and liberating your MIND and SPIRIT so that there would be no place for evil, or better yet no reason?


Well here is my brain leakage on this, I do believe that evil is a part of us humans, just as much as good is. We are naturally evil and we are naturally good. Its sort of taboo for one to glorify their evil side huh? Well I don't mind it..lol..at least not in this sense

"The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil." - Hannah Arendt

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