RiRi's Comeback

7:40 PM

And there it is!! Rihanna's new Video for her single "Hard" ft Young Jeezy. We gave you a sneak peek with the photo in a previous post and now heres the baby! I am totally digging this video, this is the Rihanna I cream for! She's been getting a lot of shade ever since her interview on ABC(which I will not discuss-->FOOLISH), which I also think is one of the bigger causes for her album flopping a week later then going for 99cents on Black Friday(???).

Rated R was suppose to be the big COMEBACK and it was almost a complete FAIL! I was really upset that she was focusing on the CB issue a lot and making that the appeal of her album. Having "Russian Roulette" as her first single and also the little promotional video for "The Wait is Over", both dark and eery videos really TURNED ME OFF. I mean to play the whole victim thing(which I think is pretty effin lame) is a good idea I guess,but then you could of at least WRITE YOUR SONGS RiRi lol come on!

So I haven't really been digging this chick lately but ever since I saw her new tattoo, I knew she had a plan in the works to making a turn in what seems to be her downfall. AND BOY is she giving it to us!

Also for this album she is being more provocative and out there more than ever. In the January Issue of GQ Rihhana let it all hang out! lol uhmm I could say why this is bad....but thats not fun! lol lets just enjoy

I just wanna declare that it is NOW the official come back of Rihanna. I feel like she has just shaken all of this stupid shit off that she's been basking herself in lately and ready to be raw, real, and RiRi, and not whatever chick she was trying to be when she had that Eye Patch on. *KUDOS*

Rihanna earlier this year in a spread she did with Italian Vogue

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