Paying Homage : The Leotard

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It seems like the egdy, "Fierce" and in your face ladies are not only topping the charts but annoyingly( and I say this with much love and appreciation) instigating spawns all over the streets of fashion now a days. Being "different" is all the rage and the more against the strain you are,the more appealing, IRONY MUCH? Looking at the women who are dominating the charts and fashion it raises an eye brow for me because non of the things that I'm seeing is relatively NEW to me..not even original.. but everybody is passing it as it seems. It just raises the question Who Did it First? I haven't conducted a thorough investigation, I dont have days of research and notes to base this just whats in my noggin and maybe a little help from google search. lol

We'll start with the most simple one:


I was watching something on the picture box the other day that gave a reference to Beyonce and her turning the whole fashion world "leotard crazy". I automatically got a WTF face because I definitely disagree with that lol. I mean yes the "Single ladies" video was a phenomenon all over but Beyonce was definitely not the chick to make leotards the cheese.

The success of her video definitely birthed a new "look" for her..everywhere she goes you could spot her on the red carpet or doing an eye popping performance in a sparkly leotard BUT she was not the first girl to walk around in a leotard. Also I have to say she looked really stupid in most of the ensembles I've seen her work her little leotard look into.. Beyonce overall is not really fashionable at all to me but this is a stretch for her usually bland non significant style she obviously did a good job in making it hers since people are trying to give her credit for the look..but SORRRY its not yours B.

The person who I think deserves the credit is the monster Lady Gaga I mean yes I am completely in love with her but that is not the point. Lady Gaga is definitely the first chick in a long time, if not ever, to sport the leotard look and OWN it..correct me if I'm wrong she got a lot of negativity about it as well. When she first started getting her buzz people were spotting her not only on stage with a crazy fabolous letoard concoction on but even in the streets!

Here is Black Eye Peas vocalist Fergie in a awesome revamped leotard gown performing at the 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Not only did she do it first..well before B.. she totally executes it way better so I'm gonna have to say the cookies belong to Miss Gaga...she introduced this crazy new trend which now has celebrities and just people period all over trying to dip their hand in the jar..taking ideas from her and incorporating it into their looks..sooo please give credit where its due!

Now of course there is no way I could of not mention this fabulous lady Miss Grace Jones..she was wearing leotards and much more before these chicks were even saying their ABC's lol soo theres no way I could be paying homage without bowing to the Great Grace..Lady Gaga's entire everything is very much inspired by this lady's image..she mentions it all the time in interviews and I aint mad at that! Beyonce.. I dont follow her much but I definitely see sum Grace Jones in her too..we all have a little Grace Jones in us.... I know I do..ROOARR

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