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“I sold my soul to the devil I know it’s a crappy deal/ at least it came with a few toys like a happy meal/ I’m spaced out dog I be on that moon talk/ I wonder if God ask Mike how to Moonwalk.”

The line that it seems everybody is having a hooplah over.To be real short and blunt, there's absolutely nothing shocking at all to me about this line, I'm pretty much throwing it in the gigantic sac of ingenius clever Kanye lines, and thats THAT. People are really trying to ring this out for all it is and then add all types of seasoning and its really not necessary.

What raised an eyebrow(for lack of better terms) for me, is when Kanye decides to bring out Amber, for some type of irrelevant praise. It was a WTF moment for me mostly because it was pretty damn random and I'm not too fond of the two of them together anyway, which adds insult to injury I guess.

It stuck in my head and has been swirling around since I watched this video. I read on another blog a few weeks ago about this buzz that Kanye is planning on proposing to Amber Rose in the new year.I literally almost threw up and dismissed it as poppycock. I have not been a fan of this romance from day one. I initially couldn't make sense of this because I always praised Kanye for being one of the few artist that doesnt get rumored or seen around with just any old hoe. I always held him high as a man with standards. I mean even his Video Girls(when he does include them in his videos)seem high grade lol.I understand it now doe, it makes sense for Kanye to be parading around with this WHORE, he is extremely conflicted and hasn't been fully engulfing his realities. So he's basking in his customized fairy tale fully equipped with his shiny provisionally perfect princess.

F.Y.I. not throwing shade at this chick Amber rose neither. I think she is absolutely gorgeous, she carries herself very well and she has great style. But still, she is a hardcore lesbian stripper prostitute whore and thats THAT.Not all biddies have bad manners and distasteful demeanor . In fact, a lot and the BEST of them are very charming and classy.**KANYESHRUG**

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