The Revolution is live!!!!

6:02 AM
So its like 6 am in the morning and I just finished watching "Lord of the Revolution:The Black Panthers" on my DVR of course because I had an inkling to record it when I saw it was coming on and boy am I smart!! Cuz that was a supertastic idea lol..I have watched it a few times since i recorded it YESTERDAY lol.. i just have to APPLAUD Vh1 for this one..ugh!! it is sooo greaat!! The Panther history is a very controversial and detailed one..althought they didnt get into all the shenanigans(good choice of word?? maybe not) that went on they touched the important and significant ones..the point of view was not too biased (if biased at all??)..and the people they got to commentate just blew my frickin mind!! They had the father of it all FOUNDER Bobby Seale(not that suprised but still *kudos*), as well as many other significant members[including Ericka Huggins wife of L.A. Chapter leader John Huggins and first FEMALE member Tarika Lewis]to give their first hand accounts of the unbelievable events that occured during the rise [and unfortunate fall] of the Black Panther Revolution. And I HAVE NOOO IDEA HOW THEY DID IT but they actually got Wes Swearingen a former FBI special Agent during the Black Panther Revolution to give his accounts of the FBI's tenacious and reluctant efforts to DEMOLISH the Black Panthers..I mean i could go on forever about this program but you guys are gonna stop reading about 5 lines from now lol!!..I am just really amped because I LIVE FOR THIS..i lovve everything that the Black Panthers were about everything they represented what they are today and what they symbolize..James Crowell a white man who was a "Panther defender" during the rise.. while giving his perspective of how he feels about the panthers,what they mean to him and what they represent to this day got choked up!..he started tearing mid that is just so spine tingling for makes me really proud to be an AFRO HAVING BLACK yup i ammm n e way that was the 5th line!! bye

This was my FIRST TATTOO!! About a year agoo
By the way the symbol under is an african symbol FUNTUNFUNEFU-

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