Blah!!! Its mee biitches

9:24 PM

HEY!! This is just a sort of unofficial introduction too meee Jennifer Ceran...a.k.a. Vintage Swank. My name is Jennifer lol yeah I mentioned that already lol.. I am 19 years old...I reside in New York..BROOKLYN to be exact..I am an aspiring I am a Vintage freaaak if it wasnt already obvious...I love Art, Music, Dance(those fall under Art dont they?? neway) and pretty much any and everything else...on the contrary i am irritated by and dislike a whole lot of stuff as well..yes i am Miss Opinionated...why u think i started a blog??? im probably gonna be posting the most on this thingy....i promise it will all be entertaining and enoyable(more or less)..I am an intellectual..yes i am..meaning that i loove to learn about everything under the sun and beyond...i can be a bit radical at times butt ehhh...I am deeply infatuated with fashion and i really hate to say that becuz it seems like everybody is nowadays..or everybody claims to be...I also am really into tattooos..ugh another bandwagon everybody seems to be hopping on lately..i hate the norm and typical shit so i try to stray as far as i can at all times(but in a sense that being a typical rebel isnt it??)..WUTEVER!!..anyway soo yup there we go thats me in a very tiny understandable rambly nutshell...put on your seat belt folks

About the author

Vintage Enthusiast. Hip Hop baby. Afro Puffington. Self proclaimed Renegade.Really im just a young soul from Brooklyn tuned in to a frequency too low for the drums and too high for the lungs. You can feel it when the groove stops so listen to my boom box.